The WISH List raises funds to identify, support and elect pro-choice Republican women 
at all levels of government -- local, state and national.



WISH invites you to join us in
identifying, training, supporting and electing a steady stream of Republican women who share our values.


for the 21st Century
Our vision is to create a 
powerful force of Political Partners whose financial support ensures the continuous election of pro-choice Republican women to positions at all levels of government across America.

  Think of The WISH List as political talent scouts.  We work at the state level, spotting talented women early in their political careers. They may currently be serving on your city council or in your state legislature.

We look for intelligent women who share our beliefs in traditional Republican principles:  individual freedoms and responsibilities, a sound economy, limited government, an educated citizenry, and a strong and secure nation.

As a Partner in Politics, you play a vital role in helping WISH identify emerging Republican leaders in your community.

Successful, influential, powerful people belong to WISH. Our Partners are take-charge individuals who share the vision to see through America's political "glass ceiling" to a future full of women leaders!

    SUPPORTING. . .  
Once WISH identifies potential or emerging women leaders, it begins supporting our "farm team". The Number One reason women cite for not running for political office is: "I lack the skill-set necessary to win."

To solve this problem, WISH uses membership dollars to provide critical strategic support that helps our candidates handle the nuts and bolts of campaigning in today's competitive political world. WISH provides strategic advice, when requested, about fundraising tactics, campaign management and media techniques.

Your membership dollars make this possible...so please, give generously! 

    ELECTING. . .  
Because our political system favors incumbents, and the overwhelming majority of incumbents are male, change is slow going. Inspired by this challenge, WISH has devised broad strategies to battle the historic impediments to women's political progress -- a nationwide fundraising network that supports candidate recruitment in key races; provides campaign advice to prospective candidates and their operatives; employs targeted media efforts in tight contests; and offers individual financial and strategic help for top women contenders in races across the country.



Contributions to The WISH List are not tax deductible.
Federal Election Law requires The WISH List to report the name, mailing address, occupation
and employer for each individual whose contributions aggregate in excess of $200 in a calendar year.
Contributions from individuals and PACs that do not exceed $5,000 per calendar year will be deposited into The WISH List federal account; all other contributions will be deposited into The WISH List non-federal account.

Paid for by The WISH List, not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.
The WISH List, 333 North Fairfax Street, Suite 302, Alexandria, VA 22314.

E-mail: WISH@thewishlist.org