Top Countries with the most Female Politicians

Politics is one field that consists of a lot of differences and creative reasoning. From all around the world, this particular field has witnessed one aspect in common, and that can be classified as discrimination. A lot of people have faced discrimination on the basis of gender, and female political leaders have faced harsh reality more than anyone else. But despite all this, there are a few individuals that have made it big and continue to rule the rest. Their country and its people have given the required support, and these aspects also need to be credited. Hence, to carry on the same, here are the top countries with the most female politicians.


Rwanda is one country that has been making a lot of difference, and their people have been electing leaders regardless of the gender. The country has witnessed around 60% of female politicians in the parliament, and that is indeed a huge achievement. This particular step needs to be acknowledged by everyone, and people need to learn from the same.


Cuba might not have the same share of percentage as Rwanda, but a figure of over 50% is still incredible. On a comparative note, when the rest of the world cannot showcase such figures, we all need to appreciate Cuba for the same. There are a whole bunch of reasons for this share, and most of their political leaders tend to implement policies that help people. Apart from its economy of growth, Cuba does have some noteworthy features to talk about.


Bolivia is quite close to Cuba, and through time, things may change for the better. At this point, we should not be seeing this as a competition, instead of as a move that sets an example. Being a political leader is something that has nothing to do with your gender. Hence, the world needs to listen to these top 3 countries and learn to take collective measures. Bolivia has some qualified leaders who have put forth their amendments to the people, and everything seems to be working.


The parliament of Mexico does have a share of 48% of female political leaders and the 21st century took things towards this direction. People are voting their leaders, regardless of the gender and things have clicked for them. Policies and collective decisions can be made from the right minds, and Mexico’s politics has revealed the same. In the end, we are all humans and discriminating people on the basis of gender, religion, caste or creed are aspects that do not make sense. Politics is one platform where people can prove the same, and you need to understand that point. Hence, that concludes our list.

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