Powerful Women from Around the World

The policies of discrimination were things that guided us for a long time, and it is quite safe to say that we are out of the dark age. As far as the 21st century is concerned, women have broken all boundaries and made it to the top. One significant filed which they have made all the difference has to be politics. The individuals who entered this industry faced a lot of difficulties but made it out like they rule the game. Hence, as a node of appreciation, here are some of the most powerful women in Politics.

Angela Merkel

Regardless of the various announcements concerning her resignation, Angela Merkel has managed to make it to the top. Her actions were considered to have changed a lot of things, and people seem to have faith in her. In the beginning, her political career is something that people were doubtful at first. But towards the end, things changed, and she took everyone by surprise. To have the power to run the 4th largest economy in the world is no joke and a lot of people may never reach the same podium as Angela Merkel.

Christine Lagarde

In the wake of a few changes, Christine Lagarde could not make it to the top spot. But in terms of everything, head of IMF to the president of the European Central Bank is something that people only dream off. In all ways, she earned these titles, and her journey was quite different from the rest. In terms of actions, her policies took the course and have made changes for the better. Although a few critics might not have a positive review, most of them agree to the fact that she has made credible changes.

Nancy Pelosi

Apart from making it to the Forbes List, Nancy Pelosi has made it everywhere in terms of achievement and success. From being a speaker to being inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame, Nancy Pelosi is one individual who has seen it all. Due to the differences in policies and actions, she initiated the fourth ever impeachment proceedings in the U.S against president Donal Trump. That very moment did go down in history, and people might never forget the same.

Mary Barra

The automobile industry witnessed massive changes when Mary Barra took over as the CEO of GM. This company that she built was highly appreciated for its take on Gender Equality since many consider it to be a place that appreciates quality workforce regardless of the gender. This unique achievement cannot be found anywhere else, and it was one of the first to do so. Hence, on that note, we are going to end our list of the most powerful women from around the world.

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